Friday, September 24, 2010

Uploading - The Good and the Bad

There are so many free uploading services available, it's hard to choose which is best. When I started posting uploaded files on this site, I used sharebee, which in turn uploads files to a number of host sites including depositfiles, rapidshare, zshare, and megaupload. The problem is, of those older posts, only the megaupload link still works. So I edited my older posts to point to the megaupload link.

Megaupload has two pluses and one horrific minus. The good news: files tend to last extraordinary lengths of time without being downed. You can download as many files from the site as you like without having to wait fifteen minutes. But the pop-ups are annoying. They seem to sneak past every pop-up blocker in every browser. Worse yet, every so often, you get a nasty Trojan attack from one of the pop-ups. One time I had to spend an hour restoring my computer to a prior state, then using Malwarebytes just to undo the mess I made downloading from megaupload. The same thing happened again recently, only this time my Avast ani-virus caught the bug right away. Sharebee also has pop-ups, but I never see them because I use Firefox and an add-on called Adblock Plus. Side note - I'm a HUGE fan of Firefox. The number of things you can do to customize the browser puts Explorer and Chrome to shame. I use the Opera browser sometimes as well, but that's another story.

Rapidshare must have its pluses, because it is so widely used for music uploads. I'm certainly grateful to the service, but I don't think it is friendly to free users who upload files. They had a thing going called rapidshare points, where you earn enough credits to keep uploading for free. I hear that well is drying up. We'll see.

I started using mediafire; for now, it seems to be a very good option. There are no pop-ups, no limit on downloads, and the download time is quick. I'll probably continue to use mediafire for a while, and when necessary, re-up links that I had previously posted. The list of my mediafire files is in the public domain:

So far it has the Elgar, Beethoven, and Bert Jansch I posted. I also just uploaded my digital compositions to the folder. I'm not sure what I'm going to upload next. I'll think of something.


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