Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Alternate Chrome Logo

I have always disliked the original logo for Google's Chrome browser - looks too much like a plastic toy. The above design, which has been slightly modified without reinventing the wheel, can be found here:

Similar, but much cleaner. I like it this way. They're predicting it may look something like the new logo, as you can see from the URL. Who knows? Anyway, in order to use it in Windows, you'd have to convert it to an .ico file, which you can easily find out how to do online.

I started using Chrome as my default browser because the Firefox on my system got hit with a rerouting virus. So far, Chrome is working well. It's fast and handles most pages well, except for the playlist on this blog (see above). In Firefox, Opera, and Explorer, the playlist looks the way I intended - not so much in Chrome or Safari. Oh, well. Can't figure everything out.


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Angus said...

I figured it out. Chrome rocks (so far...)