Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Grey Funnel Line

While I am still on the subject of English musicians (and I'm sure I'll return to the subject again soon), let me share a great tune about the sea:

"The Grey Funnel Line" is a song by Cyril Tawney that The Silly Sisters later performed in slightly modified form. The Silly Sisters, by the way, are Maddy Prior and June Tabor, and let me tell you, their version of this tune is one for the ages - uncommonly beautiful. I'll share that song along with another lighthearted surprise by June Tabor...

Download two songs here (no password):

Let me also mention a blog that has not only plenty of Maddy Prior and June Tabor, but an amazing variety of folk music from around the world - I'm grateful to the crew there for introducing me to so much music that I truly love and would never have known about otherwise.



Angus said...

Here is a version as perfect as any...
Big thumbs up!!!!!!

Paul said...

Great stuff! I'm reminded of the Ewan Macall programme that he did for BBC radio about the decline of traditional British fishing and the associated music and culture in the early 1960s. It combines music and docu. I should send that to you, if you don't have it.

(I will aim to do that! Remind me, if you've heard nothing within a week or two, as I'm sure you'd get something out of it.)

I also have the one he did on gypsies/travellers.