Friday, July 26, 2013 and Google+

1.) I've edited this post to give more word about, or Socl, a social networking site operated by Microsoft FUSE Labs. I have been digging this immensely. Here is my Ed Luhrs profile -

You'll see a I made a series of collages and one video party so far. That's part of what you can do there. The collages in particular are a brilliant idea. Users collect a combination of photos, news, links, or videos into a collage and share it. Other users can view the collage and "riff" on it. For example, if one user makes a collage of local breweries, another user can respond with his or her own favorite kinds of beer.

You can sign in to the site via Facebook or a Microsoft e-mail account. Go try it - the more who join in, the more creative it gets. Unlike Tumblr, each of the collages and video parties has a comments section that allows readers to add some discussion. Posts can also be added to collections organized by topic.

2.) I am also starting to become fond of Google Plus (aka Google+).

Here is yet another Ed Luhrs profile -

Such a warm address. But I got to say the design of the site is really appealing now. I am trying to figure out what to use it for - maybe literary stuff, like sharing favorite poems every few days... or some of my own writing. Ukulele-related links aren't bad to share either. The profile has a tab for links to my YouTube uploads. Everything looks nice. If I do post more to Google+, I'll make a lot of the posts public.

So there it is, social networking. Facebook is still my main contact point with people I'm close with (and email and the phone too of course). All the rest of this is just cyber-sharing, which I suppose has its place. I use my angusdegraosta Twitter just to bookmark sites to share later on Facebook. Now I guess I can make Google+ something like my public Facebook profile. I don't know. Anyway, add me to your circles if you like.

3.) Microsoft and Google... the great battle between the two companies is still waging. Why take sides? Do what works for you. (But check out!)


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