Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bardic Centuries

The Perseids from Denver CO, 2012. Photo courtesy of
On the Angus FM Tumblr blog, I have a "Today's Favorite" section for photos. Every few weeks I take those favorites and put them on a secondary blog, Bardic Centuries. The address is -

Follow both sites if you have a Tumblr account or start one eventually. The photo above is one of the recent posts on the blog, a photo of a meteor shower in 2012.

Tumblr is loaded with stunning photos of lansdcapes, ducks, beautiful people checking the weather on their cell phones, surreal art, ancient cave dwellings... you name it. So my blog is open to all or most of the above. Much like this blog, there is no theme. It's for those who dig everything, maybe with a little pagan flavor thrown in for good measure.

I embedded a playlist on Bardic Centuries too, mainly of jazz. You can do that too if you have a blog - go to the SCM Player website. Once you generate the playlist, you paste the code into your site's html. Simple. (Just don't be one of those people who set the music to play automatically. That is annoying beyond belief!) If you look at the logic of the code, you can figure out how to edit it afterwards. Here is the code for my playlist.

I may be overdue for making a jazz playlist on my YouTube channel as well. That's for another time. Most recently I've been uploading my own videos and videos of poetry friends up there. But continuing with random odds and ends instead, here is a Sesame Street video -

I had to share that. While you're reading, check out the blogs on the right, which have great classical, jazz, and traditional folk music to explore. I just learned from reading Jazzsi that British jazz pianist Marian McPartland died. I am going to learn more about her now. Always something new - in most cases, old things some of us would never have known about otherwise.


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