Friday, April 8, 2011

Brahms: Piano Quintet, op. 34 - Previn

Mighty out-of-print, and mighty good. I've heard some rather anemic versions of this piece - not this one. The F minor Piano Quintet, op. 34 is one of the first recordings that made me realize chamber music can be great stuff. I haven't up to now seen any reviews of this performance by André Previn and the Musikvereinsquartett, which I think dates from 1984. Not a problem. I'll review it. The first three movements are as grumpy and graceful as you might expect, and the last is all the rip-roaring Brahms you could ask for. Seriously one of the most brilliant finales Brahms ever wrote, up there with his symphonic output. I found this at my local library years ago and have never stopped admiring it.

For a comparison to other recordings, read here. As for the music...

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Paul said...

Excellent review, Angus (as always!). I will download this one and have a listen as soon as I get the chance! I listen to pretty much everything you post!

Ed said...

Thanks Paul. I love music, all kinds - makes me happy. Keep me posted.