Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink Floyd: BBC Radio 1, July 16,1970

Here is Pink Floyd live from 1970, introduced on BBC Radio 1 by the great John Peel. The track list is as follows:

1. John Peel Intro     
2. The Embryo   
3. Fat Old Sun     
4. Green is the Colour             
5. Careful with that Axe, Eugene
6. If             
7. Atom Heart Mother   

The early Pink Floyd years have always been my favorite - not just the Syd Barrett stuff, of course, but everything from Dark Side of the Moon and before. Meddle is particularly great, and another of my favorites from their early work is Atom Heart Mother. In the live version included here, you have the best possible version of that title track, beating even the studio version. The substitution of a French horn for the cello is a great choice here, and the choral and orchestral parts are right on point.

Throughout the performance, you get stellar guitar work from David Gilmour, especially in "The Embryo" and "Atom Heart Mother." Richard Wright does great spooky organ work on "Careful with that Axe, Eugene." I even like the ballads - the early Pink Floyd ballads have a demented quality that always put me in a relaxed, reflective, slightly existential mood.

This live broadcast recording, not a part of the official catalog, forever destined to be a bootleg, was released (but never sold for profit) by Harvested Records with Mooed Music as the title. I've included the cool artwork from that release. I first heard this recording on the now defunct WNEW in 1986 or 1987. I recorded it on audio cassette and played the tape into the ground in the years since. Luckily I acquired a digital copy and am glad to share it, courtesy of John Peel, the BBC, the good folks at, and Pink Floyd.

Download here (no password):



moonghozt said...

awesome artwork!! can't wait to listen to the music (downloading as we speak)!!! thanks Angus for finding some great music to share with us!

Angus said...

Well thank you, ma'am!

Paul said...

RIP John Peel. His death was such a shock!

Another great post, Angus. I am going to do some downloading of this and a few others soon, and catch up! :-)