Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anne Briggs - The Time Has Come

Just the name Anne Briggs brings me to tears - not for sadness but for the sheer innocent beauty of her voice. Though Briggs had only a brief stint as far as singers go, her influence will outlast the short years she was in the British folk circuit in the late 60s and early 70s. She's retired and living a quiet family life these days, but a few years ago she participated in a documentary that I'll share below.

First, the music. The Time Has Come is a great album. It is, sadly, out of print. I suggest you give it a listen. If you find yourself weeping uncontrollably and need to hear more, fork over the nine or ten dollars it costs to get Anne Briggs: A Collection here. Just do it: you'll be glad you did. Between Collection and The Time Has Come (which includes some of her originals in addition to traditional music), you'll see why she was a big influence on so many folk musicians. For the album above...

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wf said...

thank you, dear Angus, for your great British folk roots entry. the ladies Anne Briggs, Lal Waterson, Sandy Denny, Shelagh McDonald, June Tabor should be in our all ears.
p.s.the (complete) BBC "folk britannia" documentary is fabulous and essential viewing ...