Thursday, October 18, 2012

June Tabor in 1990

Totally hot! Check out "While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping" around 4:50. Better yet, watch the entire video.


She even dances at the end of the set!

Let me add two more, the first and last songs from her album with Martin Simpson, "A Cut Above":

"Admiral Benbow"


Plenty more on YouTube to sample (including her incredible rendition of "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda"); also check out her albums on Amazon.


Paul said...

Where is that place where they are playing? It should be easy to identify?

Angus said...

The poster didn't say. We'll have to investigate.

Paul said...

LOL Just noticed that the title says it's at the WDR Folkfestival, Cologne, Germany. So there's the answer. Strange, that neither of us noticed that? I knew that gothic cathedral behind her was famous.

Angus said...

Ach ja ja... am (Fillintheblanker)platz!