Monday, November 12, 2012

Fair Legislation

I received a takedown notification today, the first since I started the blog in 2008.

Now this may be good news, if the Woody Shaw album in question is soon again available in print or in MP3 format. As of now I still see nothing but expensive used copies. Sadly, Shaw won't be making any more albums; he died in May 1989.

I will say I like the DMCA quite a lot. It is more than fair, and Google has an excellent policy for enforcing it, which allows me to edit my posts to comply with the legislation. That's just what I did.

I am against stronger legislation such as SOPA. As much as I enjoy singing sea shanties, piracy isn't what we're aiming for here. Just making people aware that there is more to music than what you hear on commercial radio is good enough. I'll gladly remove any link that gets between musicians and their livelihood, and replace it with a link to an online merchant.


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Paul said...

Yes, sensible enforcement is a good idea. SOPA would stifle the internet.