Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bamboo / Statistics

Here is yet another video featuring some music I put together: this one sounds best on speakers with good bass. I've been working with Mixcraft Pro Studio 6, a good program, though it will take some time to learn all the features.

The Common Rede has 92,144 page views as of now, with viewers from all over the place. Blog readers may sometimes be reticent to leave comments, but Google is not shy about providing facts and figures. Mediafire is good like that too: believe it or not, the Cantigas album alone is near nine hundred downloads, which is a happy thing, as it's not in circulation commercially.

I'll endeavor to keep going even if the wolves begin circling around all the remaining file sharing sites. Hey, if worse comes to worst, I'll share YouTube videos, an occasional Spotify playlist, articles, and whatever random reflections. I tend to focus on music here, but I have been known to think about other things.


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