Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paavo Berglund, Bournemouth Symphony - Sibelius

Alleluia! Back in circulation... I have some listening to do.

Spring is sprung!



coppinsuk said...

Hi Angus,

Welcome back.

Thanks for the Spotify link with the Bergland/Bournemouth Sibelius symphonies - a very well recorded and performed cycle - I have them in my collection already on silver disc.

I have forgotten about Spotify - you have persuaded me to have another go.

Thanks and all the best.

Keep up your "educational work"!!

You are much appreciated.


Douglas (UK)

Angus said...

Thanks so much Douglas! I almost forgot about Spotify too until a few months ago. Then I saw how much traditional folk, orchestral, and jazz music you can find on there, and I got so hooked I made a Tumblr blog as a kind of online bookmark for all the stuff.