Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sgt Neil Howie, West Highland Police

“Myrtle — do you, um, do you know Rowan?”
“Course I do.”
“…You do?”
“Course I do, silly.”
“Ah, do you know where she is now?”
“In the fields. She runs and plays there all day.”
“Does she? Do you think she’ll be coming back for tea?”
“Tea? Hares don’t have tea, silly.”
“She’s a hare — Rowan’s a hare. She has a lovely time.”
One of my favorite films is The Wicker Man - the original extended version with Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, and Britt Ekland. If you have never seen the original, for the love of all the apples on Summerisle, do not watch the remake with Nicolas Cage first. That remake is really awful awful crap (though it is unintentionally funny and worth viewing for kicks after you see the original)... anyway, Happy May!

Croí folláin agus gob fliuch,

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