Monday, March 31, 2014

Carl Vine and Douglas Lilburn

Carl Vine's incredible Piano Sonata No. 1 is in this recording accompanied by an equally good second sonata and a number of other lively works, which can be purchased from the Australian Music Centre HERE.

I will provide a link for the first sonata performed by Harvey. It is both modern and very engaging, filled with passion and its own internal logic that convincingly moves the listener from one moment to the next. May it lead to an exploration of the rest of the album and beyond that to his orchestral works, including his Percussion and Choral symphonies... and a really fine piano concerto.

Download here (no password):

Next, I have been exploring the work of Douglas Lilburn, who loved the work of Sibelius. You will find Lilburn's symphonies and orchestral works to have plenty of moments of original beauty. Here is the Aotearoa Overture with the New Zealand Symphony conducted by James Judd:

The artwork in the video gives a panorama of New Zealand art that matches the spirit of the music.

If any of this is new to you, good! Keep listening - and once again please check out Unsung Masterworks and similar channels on YouTube.


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