Monday, December 8, 2008

The Copernican System

My first blog. We'll begin with a good old poem:

The Copernican System

Thomas Chatterton

The Sun revolving on his axis turns,

And with creative fire intensely burns;

Impell'd by forcive air, our Earth supreme,

Rolls with the planets round the solar gleam.

First Mercury completes his transient year,

Glowing, refulgent, with reflected glare;

Bright Venus occupies a wider way,

The early harbinger of night and day;

More distant still our globe terraqueous turns,

Nor chills intense, nor fiercely heated burns;

Around her rolls the lunar orb of light,

Trailing her silver glories through the night:

On the Earth's orbit see the various signs,

Mark where the Sun our year completing shines;

First the bright Ram his languid ray improves;

Next glaring watry thro' the Bull he moves;

The am'rous Twins admit his genial ray;

Now burning thro' the Crab he takes his way;

The Lion flaming bears the solar power;

The Virgin faints beneath the sultry show'r,

Now the just Balance weighs his equal force,

The slimy Serpent swelters in his course;

The sabled Archer clouds his languid face;

The Goat, with tempests, urges on his race;

Now in the Wat'rer his faint beams appear,

And the cold Fishes end the circling year.

Beyond our globe the sanguine Mars displays

A strong reflection of primoeval rays;

Next belted Jupiter far distant gleams,

Scarcely enlighten'd with the solar beams,

With four unfix'd receptacles of light,

He tours majestic thro' the spacious height:

But farther yet the tardy Saturn lags,

And five attendant Luminaries drags,

Investing with a double ring his pace,

He circles thro' immensity of space.

These are thy wondrous works, first source of Good!

Now more admir'd in being understood.

I'll post some of my own work as well, no doubt. For now, look you well upon how the author is in awe of the universe. That's the way I feel sometimes.


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Thank you. Nice to be reminded of the lovely Thomas.

Ed said...

You're welcome! Happy 2020...