Monday, December 15, 2008

Lou Monte: Pepino the Italian Mouse

Here's a real treat for the holidays. Out of print still (probably forever), yet available here in mp3 format, an album my grandmother and grandfather loved.

Pepino the Italian Mouse & Other Italian Fun Songs (1962) Reprise R-6058 LP
  1. Pepino, the Italian Mouse
  2. Calypso Italiano
  3. Oh Tessie
  4. Tici Ti-Tica To-Tici Ta
  5. Show Me the Way to Go Home
  6. What did Washington Say (When He Crossed The Delaware)
  7. Please Mr. Columbus (Turn The Ship Around)
  8. A Good Man is Hard to Find
  9. Eh Marie, Eh Marie
  10. Sixteen Tons
  11. Mala Femmena
  12. Twist Italiano
I grew up with Lou Monte... fun songs for all ages, especially the title track and "Please Mr. Columbus." Really they're all good. Hope you like!

Download here:



jo said...

Grew up on this album, one of Mom & Dad's fav's. Still hwve the vinyl somewhere, but would love to be able to download for Dad to listen to while at Chemo. Would really appreciate it. Thanks

Ed said...

Absolutely! I put a new link... you're welcome. My grandparents had the album on vinyl, but the song about Washington crossing the Delaware always skipped, so it was great for me to find this as well.