Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day, Beer, Norwegian Music

Labor Day is a good secular holiday in America. It falls around a time of year when the nights get colder, the days slowly get shorter, and summer is at an end. Now is a good time to drink beer. Let me share some of my reviews on

- a totally cool site. No surprise that my user name is angusdegraosta on that site too. I've reviewed twenty-five brews so far, which you can view HERE. Beer makes me very excited. Wine is always good too, but beer is less expensive and less complicated. You should try some.

What else? Oh, yes, I wanted to highlight Nordisk Sang, a great album of musicians from Norway. The album features great instrumentals and a woman with the world's loveliest voice. Again, thanks a million to Folk Yourself, which has plenty of great Scandinavian music as well as other stuff from all over the place. I also really like a folk band called Slinkombas with a similar sound. So, with the inevitable onslaught of autumn and cold, short days ahead, it's a fine time of year to listen to some Hardanger fiddle hoedown music. I eat this stuff for breakfast.



Paul said...

I am drinking the Sam Adams interpretation of a German Octoberfest beer at the moment. I will certainly check out your beer reviews, Angus.

I think down here in Florida, the end of August means that the outdoor life can begin again, as it is no longer unbearably hot all the time! :-)

I will check out your Norwegian music. I am a big fan of Norwegian jazz and would highly recommend the Tord Gustavsen Trio:

Ed said...

Oh, yeah, they are good! And the Tingvall Trio too.

Paul said...

I've tried most of those Brit and German beers in your list but not so much of the American ones. America unfortunately doesn't have a good reputation for beer, but there are in reality some very good ones here.

In general terms, I love German beer the most, I think, and it is ridiculously cheap to buy in Germany.

I have been trying some of the US weizens since I got here.

Ed said...

Some American brews can be bitter and strong - big hop flavor is a trend. I think especially with beer, it's best to judge by the brewer rather than just the region. Theoretically, you can make a great beer on the North Pole with the right equipment and ingredients. German lagers and weizens are the real deal, though, and also Belgian and English ales.

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