Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mahatma Shankar

The name of the post is an amalgamation of Mahatma Gandhi and Ravi Shankar. The image above is all over the net with Gandhi spelled wrong ("Ghandi"). So I fixed it in Photoshop and am posting it here. These are good ideas to keep in mind, especially if I ever win the eighty million in the lottery.

As far as Ravi goes, a few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to share some of his albums with her on mediafire, so I did. Two of the albums are traditional Hindustani raga, and the third is more like world music, albeit with some cool sounds you might like.

A few weeks ago I went into some depth about a piece I included from the southern Carnatic tradition on a compilation I made of various kinds of instrumental music. Now here is music from the northern (Hindustani) parts of India, with the incomparable Shankar playing his sitar.

Download here (no password):


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