Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blodwyn Pig

When Mick Abrahams left Jethro Tull after their first album This Was, he formed the short-lived Blodwyn Pig, a blues-based band. Ahead Rings Out, released in 1969, has a number of great tunes; some of my favorites include "Dear Jill," "The Change Song," and the brief instrumental "Backwash." The whole album is entertaining. Some songs have good rock energy and will get your feet moving, while others are more reflective and relaxed. Overall, this is a neat slice of vintage music from the late sixties.

Although not on this album, Blodwyn Pig does a very cool version of "Stormy Monday Blues," well worth hearing.

Because there are so many copies of Ahead Rings Out already available on filestube, I'll leave you to choose from the selection. There is also an extended version of the album probably worth finding. Search here.

Meanwhile, I'm searching my archives for some good orchestral music to share this fall.



wf said...

dear Angus,
your delightful post brings back memories of golden late sixties, standing in a sweaty, packed Marquee Club, London face to face with this glorious band. my favourite song being "ain't ye coming home, babe?" with its driving rock riff and extended soli...

Ed said...

Nice! This is what I like so much about reading music blogs - it helps keep all kinds of music in the loop. That concert must have been fun.