Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moondog (1916-1999)

Happy spring! I keep saying to myself I'm going to post Moondog, so here he is - an American original with a one-of-a-kind musical story, which you can read here.

I'd say more, but I'll let the music speak for itself. Here is another piece:

Keep searching YouTube. You will find lots. Albums I have that are outstanding include Sax Pax for a Sax, A New Sound of an Old Instrument, and Rare Material - all great stuff. Maybe it's minimalism, but I find it hard to pigeon-hole this guy into a single category. Check out this 1998 interview - excellent read.


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Runs With Trauma Shears said...

His working is amazing! Comes up on my pandora and I'm always happy to hear it! Thanks for the highlights!