Monday, March 26, 2012

Woody Shaw - The Moontrane

I looked on Amazon: no MP3 album available for Woody Shaw's 1974 release, The Moontrane. Used copies are being sold for big bucks, but no MP3 yet.

There was a Thursday night radio show in the late 1980s on WBAB called Moontrain Jazz (maybe Moontrane Jazz is more correct, but web references are few), and it always began with the title cut from this album. A rock station got me hooked on jazz - go figure! I wish my memory were better; I'd give the radio guy credit. Some DJs have great taste and enough personality to sway the corporate machine in the right direction. The long-winded genius of Phil Schaap comes to mind.

Speaking of geniuses, Woody Shaw was a musical genius. Certified. Check out his biography here. There are many albums in addition to this one to explore.


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