Thursday, August 14, 2014

Early Clannad

Look here:

This is a playlist of these half dozen early Clannad favs on YouTube:

1. An tÚll (with Enya as lead)
2. Strayed Away (used here as music for an art project video - love this song!!!)
3. dTigeas a Damhsa
4. Ar a ghabhail 'n à chuain damh
5. Mhaire Bruineall (again a video collage)
6. Níl Sé'n Lá

The first and second songs are from Fuaim (1981), the middle ones from the mid 70s, and the last from the first album in 1973.


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Paul said...

I kind of like the unique sound they developed from the early traditional through to Magical Ring. Then they went downhill in a drastic way.

I had a chance to see them live in the mid-80s, they were playing at the university where I was studying, I regret missing that gig!