Monday, December 8, 2008

Ed Luhrs - Digital Compositions (My Music)

My alter ego, Ed Luhrs, has compiled some music he wishes to share here. Ed put these pieces together using both Windows software and GarageBand, a nifty program for OS X users. They are a combination of his own compositions and digital orchestrations of other composers. He thanks the South Huntington library for use of their Mac computer.

Download here (no password):

Ed wants you to know he is, in fact, Angus De Graosta, in case you didn't know what alter ego means.


P.S.: The pieces written by other composers are in parentheses in the metadata; when you open the tracks in Media Player, iTunes etc. they'll appear. Some of the songs are also on Myspace Music -


Uncle McCheever said...

Angus De Is the Way
And Some outstanding compositions they are Sir(s) !

Ed said...

Thank you so much, Uncle McCheever!